Great Dane Coach is a Danish bus company with custom-built luxury liners. We serve the entertainment industry at home and abroad, as well as other companies and associations who would like to be able to spend the night in luxurious surroundings.
Our buses are designed and equipped specifically to fulfill the wishes of bands and technicians touring the roads throughout Europe, e.g. a bar, luxurious toilet and kitchen area, as well as games consoles, wifi and sound system. Our drivers know the conditions on the roads and will do their best to make the ride both comfortable and safe. We have a great deal of experience in both planning and handling transport in connection with concerts and would be happy to help plan your next tour.

We offer
We offer luxurious and safe transportation, either as part of a tour or to single destinations, under full discretion. There is of course plenty of room for the luggage in the bus, and should you need extra luggage space, we can offer a trailer to be attached to the bus. In addition, we can also offer transportation of all tour equipment in one or more of our cargo trucks.

Rent a Trailer
If larger luggage capacity is needed, we can offer closed trailers with 10-17 m3 space, fitted with interior lighting, solid lashing fittings, loading ramp and insurance approved locks.

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